Casino Glossary

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the jargon and casino words if you’re new to the casino scene or trying out a new game. Therefore, we have created this Casino Glossary where we are explaining some of the most used terms in the gambling industry. While some of the terms are pretty self-explanatory, it doesn’t hurt to go through the list and make sure you have heard all these terms at least once before starting to play with real money.


Action: The total amount of money wagered (used) by a player throughout the course of a single playing session.


Banker: In card games, the dealer is the person who deals the cards. Each player takes turns as the banker or dealer.
Bankroll: The maximum amount of money a player can wager.
Beginners Luck: When it comes to gambling, new players are frequently on a winning streak when they first begin. Also referred to as the “Honeymoon Period.”


Cash-Out: Withdrawing funds from an online casino.
Cashier: It’s where you exchange chips for cash in a land-based casino. It’s where you deposit and withdraw money from your online casino account.
Casino Advantage: The casino has a mathematical advantage over its customers. Also known as the house edge.
Casino Rewards: Many online casinos will reward players in some way, usually in cash, based on how much they play.
Chip Tray: A dealer’s or croupier’s tray for holding house chips.
Chips: Tokens that are used in casinos to represent cash and are available in a variety of values.


Deal: During a card game, to distribute the cards.
Dealer: A casino employee who is in charge of dealing cards.
Deposit: Adding money to your online casino account is referred to as “funding your account.”
Drop: Money lost.
Drop Box: The box on a gaming table that serves as a storage area for cash, markers, and chips.


Edge: In a gambling game, the advantage gained. In the vast majority of cases, the casino has the upper hand.
Encryption: An online casino’s software security measure to ensure that online transactions are safe from hackers.


Firing: A lot of bets. Firing is a term used to describe a player who is betting a lot of money.


Grease: A bribe.
Gross Winnings: The total sum of money (including your stake).


Hand: Refers to the cards you have in your hand or everything that happens in a card game between deck shuffles.
High Roller: Someone who plays casino games for high stakes.
Hot Streak: A long winning streak.
House: The casino is also known as the house.
House Edge: The casino’s mathematical advantage over players in games.
House Rules: Rules that are unique to a given casino.


Inside Bets: A bet on any number or small combination of numbers in roulette.
Instant Casino: A sort of online casino that does not require any software to be downloaded.


Jackpot: A huge prize awarded for a specific result in a game. This is commonly found in slot and video poker machines.


Layout: A gaming table with a cloth on it. You can place your bets where the markings indicate.
Load up: To use the maximum amount of coins each spin allowed by a slot machine or video game.
Lobby: In online casinos, the lobby is where you can discover all of the offered games.
Long Run: The number of rounds of play, hands, or spins required for the ratio of wins to losses to reach a point where the cumulative effect of results has minimal influence.


Marker: An IOU from a casino player who has been given credit.
Maximum Bet: The maximum bet you’re allowed to place.
Minimum Bet: The smallest bet that can be made in a casino game.
Multi-Hand Games: Games in which a player can play many hands at the same time at a casino.
Multiplayer Games: Instead of playing alone, you can play online games with other people.


Net Winnings: Your stake is deducted from the total reward.
Non-Sticky Bonus: A sort of bonus offered by online casinos that can be withdrawn if the required conditions are met.


Payout Percentage: A casino’s approximate return is represented as a percentage of total bets placed over time. It can be used on individual games or the entire casino.
Payout Table: A table that shows the pay-out for each stake on table games, as well as each winning combination on slot machines and video poker games.
Penetration: Before the deck is shuffled, the percentage of the deck that is dealt.
Pit: Only casino employees are allowed in the area between tables at a casino.
Pit Boss: The casino employee in responsible for supervising all of the pit’s employees and tables.
Progressive Jackpot: A progressive jackpot is one that grows in size over time.
Push: When neither the house nor the player wins at a casino game, the result is a tie.


Random Number Generator (RNG): Online casinos use software to provide a random outcome in casino games. It will determine, for example, which number will be spun next in a roulette game or which card will be dealt next in a blackjack game.
Reload Bonus: A bonus given to an existing client at an online casino in exchange for making a new deposit.


Shoe: A device for keeping and distributing playing cards to be dealt, commonly a wooden box. Six or eight decks of cards are usually used in shoe games.
Sign-Up Bonus: A form of incentive granted to new clients at online casinos when they sign up. Also referred to as a welcome bonus.
Stake: The amount of money bet on a casino game’s result.

Texas Hold’em: A poker variant featuring several betting rounds played against other players with one deck of cards and multiple betting rounds. Two hole cards are handed to each player, while community cards are shared.

Table Limit: It refers to bet limitations in casino table games.

Toke: A tip to a dealer is referred to as a slang phrase.


Under the gun: The term “under the gun” is a poker term that refers to the player who is the first to act before the flop.


Wagering Requirements: Wagering requirements are generally attached to online casino bonuses, and they specify how much a player must bet on games before withdrawing any bonus earnings.

Whale: A high value player

Welcome Bonus: In online casinos, new clients are greeted with special benefits known as welcome bonuses.