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One of the main features here on casinocheff.com is the ability to leave reviews for casinos. On each casino review page, you can find a section where you can share your own experience with an online casino.

We are encouraging you to leave a review for casinos that you know and you have tested previously. It’s all about your own experiences and it will help other players to do better decisions when signing up for a new casino.

We really appreciate your help on this and want to say “Thank you” in advance. You are making the online gambling world a better place.

Each casino page here on casinocheff.com has a section in the button where you can leave reviews. Simply click on “Share your own experience” and a new form will popup where you can add more information on your experiences.

The overall rating can be selected from a range between 1 to 5. A five star rating is the best rating. All comments are valuable, there is no right or wrong and you shouldn`t get influenced by comments made from other players. In the next field “Title of your review” you can add a few words which help other players to understand what your comment is about. So example if you really like the selection of games at one casino, you could mention it here.

In the “review” field you can detailly describe your experience. Try to be specific but keep in mind to pay attention to privacy policies. You should not mention any full names or disclose personal information.

Once you finalised your review, simply confirm that your review is based on your own experiences and click on “Submit your review”.